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Terrorism in Sri Lanka and External Threats


There is similarity between the actions of Hitler and Prabakaran. Both Hitler and Prabakaran stirred up racism and racial hatred  and used the media to promote racial hatred. It is known that LTTE funding goes to  some in the Tamil Nadu film industry, that dance to the tune played by Prabakaran. It is also well known that Tiger money rain down on Tamil Nadu politicians. The world would a dangerous place if Tamil Nadu politicians ignore morality and values and attempt to rescue the deadliest terrorist group by asking for a ceasefire. The truth that has  be conveyed to the whole world is that Tamil Nadu politicians were silent when babies of Sinhala peasants  were killed by smashing their heads and when LTTE were carrying out their racist expansionist adventure. When the GoSL is doing their lawful duty of safeguarding the country and people, the same Tamil Politicians who were silent are attempting to rescue the deadliest terror group in the world, by asking for a ceasefire. This is extremely shameful conduct, which should be rejected by any civilised person and indeed by Indians. It is unacceptable conduct, if any one attempts to give a lifeline to LTTE, the deadliest terror group in the world under any pretext or excuse.  It is utter hypocrisy on one hand to condemn the action of Mumbai terrorists and at the same time attempt to give a life line to LTTE terrorists by calling for a ceasefire. It has to be pointed out that it is the LTTE, the terrorist  criminal group that carried out the mindless killing of the Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils. The Sinhalese along with Tamils and Muslims  are the victims of crimes committed by LTTE. LTTE take away weeping children to be conscripted as fighters in the organization and even force GoSL teachers to become fighters. There is no reason or logic to request for a ceasefire other than being a terrorist supporter or a terrorist sympathiser. If  LTTE is allowed to exist, by giving it breathing space, Sri Lanka will not be a safe place for any one.  It is utter revolting despicable hypocrisy for any one to condemn Mumbai terrorism and then give a helping hand to the deadly terrorist group LTTE, when they have killed Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims without any mercy, including the Prime Minister of India. Hitler stirred up racism in Germany and dragged the whole world into misery. In Rwanda, racists killed moderate Tutsis and Hutus and dragged Rwanda into misery. In Sri Lanka, LTTE killed Tamil Mayors, Tamil school Principals, Tamil High ranking Government Officials, Law abiding Tamil citizens, Moderate Tamil and Sinhala politicians who wanted racial harmony. Indeed Tamil Nadu politicians should take notice of  the comment made by the well respected Sri Lankan Tamil politician Mr Anandasagaree that,  it is the LTTE  that is killing the Tamils and not the Sinhalese. We are now living in the modern world and killing any one on the basis of ethnicity is deplorable and unacceptable. Some Tamil Politicians in Tamil Nadu should shake off their ancient Chola mentality and recognise human rights, and the right of every human, the right to life. It becomes obvious that LTTE is  a brutal, nasty racist terror organisations and will bring about misery to all communities that  is associate with them. LTTE has the potential of misleading Tamil Politicians in South India, and making South India a violent place. Not only that, if separatist and racist policies of LTTE are followed by people in India, it will lead to disintegration of India and set fire to the whole region. Certainly Sri Lankans do not want a quarrel with India but also would like the politicians not to be deceived by LTTE propaganda.  The world need decent politicians and humans that can show kindness and care for fellow human beings. It is also rather sad that some Tamil Nadu politicians who were sillent when  Sinhalese  pregnant women were killed by removing their guts, are  now  dancing to the tune of their paymasters and putting pressure on the  Indian Central Government. It is sad that moral standards of some Tamil Nadu politicians have gone so low that they support the deadliest terror group in the world that are using civilians as hostages and that have used orphans, disabled women as suicide bombers. Demonstrations by over 16000 Sri Lankan Tamils against LTTE have shown their solidarity with Sri Lanka. The brotherhood train from the Sinhalese have shown their solidarity with our Tamil brothers and sisters. All ethnic groups in Sri Lanka can get along with each other, without resorting to mindless killing. The only group that has carried out mindless killing of all ethnic groups including Tamils is  LTTE. We have to ask Tamil Nadu politicians with respect, not to give a life line to the terror killing machine LTTE. It is time that GoSL inform the world that LTTE was funded, trained   and supported by India. Further, most of the LTTE weapons came through Tamil Nadu South India and that LTTE had its bases in South India. The link between some  Tamil Nadu politicians and LTTE have to be exposed. At the same time, good work done by Tamil Nadu law enforcement officials also need to be acknowledged. GoSL should not give in to terrorists or their sympathisers. GoSL  should safeguard the lives our Tamil brothers and sisters and  at the same time completely eliminate terrorism from Sri Lanka. Elimination of terrorism from Sri Lanka should be the first priority so that all Sri Lankans can live in peace, without the fear of getting killed. It is sad that when thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils have protested against the evil, insane, mindless  killing machine, there are some Politicians in Tamil Nadu that support the evil killing machine. In Sri Lanka LTTE killed poor power less, voiceless Sinhalese peasants who were struggling to make the ends meet. Reports indicate that Sinhalese peasants walked miles to help Tamils when the Tsunami struck Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, all ethnic groups can live and work in peace and harmony, provided external racists do not stir up racism, for their own benefits.The priority of GoSL is to eliminate LTTE terrorism that has caused massive destruction of the country. LTTE is basically a mindless killing machine and they have to be stopped. We need politicians in the world, who are guided by high moral standards, and who work to raise the living standards of all humans, rather than who simply dance to the tune of insane terrorists who glorify violence  and who make use of orphans to carry out their dirty work.LTTE wanted to be dominant in Sri Lanka and it eliminated everyone that opposed its dominance. Any self respecting country cannot allow itself to be dominated by terrorists. Unfortunately, LTTE has managed to influence some Politicians in Tamil Nadu, some say through bribery, to be their mouth piece. Fortunately, Sri Lankan Tamils have shown solidarity with fellow Sri Lankan brothers and sisters and over 16000 of Jaffna Tamils have protested against the LTTE, who have carried out mindless killing and brain washed young Tamils to become killers.

Politicians that entertained LTTE such as PM Gandhi and President  Premadasa were killed by LTTE once LTTE found the end of their usefulness to LTTE. LTTE  not only killed the PM of India and the President of Sri Lanka that entertained them , they have also killed most of the contemporary Tamil politicians, including Mr Loganathan of the peace secretariat. In deed, if the break up of Sri Lanka takes place, LTTE and Global Tamils will plan for a break up of India to create a Tamil state, repeating the misery faced by all Sri Lankans. The Sri Lankan politicians were sleeping and never saw what was coming. Indian politicians should learn lessons from the experience of Sri Lanka. In deed Tamil Nadu politicians may be wiped off by  LTTE, once LTTE  has finished making use of them. It is rather sad that Indian Politicians allowed themselves to be deceived by LTTE. It is well known that India trained, funded and supported LTTE terrorists. It is also known that most of LTTE weapons came through Tamil Nadu. Credit has to be given to law enforcement officials in Tamil Nadu  and also some Tamil Nadu politicians with a high  moral standards of making a serious attempt at stopping LTTE activities. I realise it is a difficult situation for the Indian PM to handle, but India  should not assist in giving  terrorists breathing space as it will only make matters worst. It should be easy for Indian politicians, including those in Tamil Nadu to see that LTTE is a group of insane racist terrorists. All possible help should be given to GoSL to eliminate LTTE completely, so that LTTE does not promote separatism. We need politicians in the world that work towards eliminating poverty and improve the quality of life for all rather than those that preach racism, as in the case of Mr Vaiko. In Sri Lanka, demonstrations of Tamil civilians against the LTTE clearly show their wish to live in peace in Sri Lanka as a united country. It is very brave of them to do so as LTTE pistol gangs attack peace loving civilians. Again it  has to be stressed that the War is  against terrorists and not against Tamils. If terrorists take up arms against a democratically elected Government then they have to  learn to face the consequences, without being a cry baby. In fact large number of Sinhalese  have sacrificed their life due to violence by terrorists and any Government in the world will not allow terrorists to be dominant in their territory. In fact, a  large number of lives have been lost due to the fact that previous Governments did not treat the terrorists firmly and simply appeased the terrorists and allowed the terrorists to dominate.  It has to be remembered that in the past, whenever  LTTE was loosing in the battlefield, it has called for a ceasefire, only to attack again once it has regrouped and rearmed. LTTE ignored GoSL invitations for peace talks  assuming that LTTE can defeat the SLDF militarily. Even after several invitations LTTE  refused to talk and began a series of attacks  against the Government, violating the existing ceasefire agreement. LTTE has carried out this method of deception so many times that it would be utterly foolish to fall into the trap of LTTE again and let it build up its strength to carry out destruction and mindless killing acts, yet again. In summary, if LTTE is allowed to survive, no one in Sri Lanka would be safe and it would not be possible to have the rule of law. Maintaining law and order is absolutely essential in any country. Devolution of power based of ethnicity This would legitimise racism and would bring disaster to Sri Lanka. It is far better to integrate Tamil politicians to the main political parties as has happened now. There should certainly a mechanism to hear the voice of the Tamil people  and certainly  to hear the voice of all groups in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka should never under estimate the external threats faced by Sri Lanka and should develop a strategy to deal with external threats. The serious threat from Tamil Nadu is obvious and should not be ignored. It is not in the interest of any Sri Lankan, to be under an exernal threat.

BEN SILVA  is UK based journalist


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