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Shaky response to India’s threat


IndiaPakistanThis is typical of Indian attitude. Indian approach to link Mumbai terror blasts with elements in PakistanNew DelhiIslamabadPakistanPakistanPakistanIndiaIndiaNew DelhiPakistanIndiaPakistanPakistan had nothing to do with the Mumbai incident? Why without giving proper consideration to the request of the Indian Prime Minister, our leaders agreed to send the DG, ISI to New Delhi, which has been described by Indian media as ‘summoning’ of the intelligence chief of Pakistan by arrogant Indian rulers. We believe that all this is humiliating and in line with the unconcerned and less-bothered approach adopted by our leaders to the repeated drone attacks. This type of immature and shaky response not only demoralizes the nation but also encourages our enemy to persist with pressure even before beginning of the investigations. Under these circumstances, Pakistani leadership should have demonstrated a dignified conduct but regrettably it adopted apologetic approach. Why to be apologetic when ’s neighbours, who are being accused by Dr Manmohan Singh. In our view all this bore mark of well-conceived drama enacted by RAW, the purpose of which started unfolding when from the very beginning Indians, instead of focusing on terrorists holed up in Taj and Oberoi, launched a full-fledged propaganda campaign against but also adopted threatening posture and that too without any concrete proof of the country’s involvement in the deadly blasts. One fails to understand how on earth Indian agencies came to the conclusion that the weapons used had their origin in Karachi and some of the terrorists belonged to this or that part of Pakistan, as if they were bearing identity cards on their lapels. The magnitude of the strike involving dozens of elements and their smooth access to targets clearly shows that there was meticulous planning, rehearsal and execution, which are beyond the capacity of started levelling wild allegations against the country from the very outset. They not only raised accusing fingers towards , the leadership in especially the families of the victims and hopes that perpetrators of the crime would soon be nabbed and meet the nemesis. However, the way the Government of Pakistan reacted in the first 48 hours of the tragedy is classic example of sheepish, nervous and immature behaviour of the rulers. While every Pakistani was expressing solidarity with fully understands woes of itself has been the worst victim of terrorism and extremism and frequent terrorist attacks caused colossal loss of life and property. In this backdrop, have rightly expressed shock over dastardly acts of terrorism and condemned them in strongest possible terms. This is because ’s own reaction to the episode betrays the dignity of a nation of 160 million and a proud nuclear State.The Government and people of never missed any opportunity of maligning the country and portraying it as a rogue State. But is quite understandable, as of dire consequences after Mumbai terror attacks and the coming 48 hours are very important, sources said on Saturday. Sources claimed that the threatening call was made by Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee to Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. has threatened

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