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Regional peace at stake


The Indian government  over-reacting to the Mumbai  terror attacks is still pursuing a hostile policy towards India despite Pakistan’ repeated denial of its involvement in the incident which by all indications seems to have been carried out by home grown organization jeopardizing the regional peace,   As compared to its adversary, Pakistan  is facing terrorism since its inception and passing through a dangerous era, suffered heavy life and  material losses as result of internal and external problems. Pakistani leadership and media never got into panic despite facing terrorism launched by RAW, Mossad and KHAD in Pakistan. On the other hand so called matured Indian political leadership and her media lost senses and brought the two nuclear states at the verge of war and put South Asian peace at stake. They started bullying against Pakistan and its intelligence agencies with a view to divert attention of international media and world from actual issue i.e. Hindu extremists’ violence against minorities.

New Dehli provided an old list as evidence which has no linkage with present incident of Mumbai. Washington and Moscow are now claiming that Indian government has been informed quite earlier about the potent threat in the shape of terrorist attack on Mumbai. It means despite having early warning, failing of government in protecting Mumbai depicts that  Indian intelligence agencies are highly inefficient. One wonders I will like to ask Indian masters, can’t some Indian spy sitting in Karachi use wireless phone as directed by Raw , if it is so then it means , RAW bluffed CIA and KGB too and  it could be the joint effort of CIA, RAW, Mossad and Khad to justify some action against Pakistan and ISI. But what  US and its allies forget to comprehend  is  that in case of any aggression, Pakistan will withdraw its forces from western front which would be another disaster for Washington after Vietnam War. In fact, unfolding of Mumbai episode has started yelling against Pakistan and ISI just after few hours of its happening and narrated pre disseminated anecdote of their intelligence set up in fright. It only shows lack of coordination amongst media and RAW. Indian media has over reacted and displayed immature, irresponsible attitude and created war phobia amongst the masses.

Though misfortune of Mumbai has caused debacle to so many Indian peaceful families but by all figments of imagination, it was due to their own agencies conspiracy. Indian intelligence agencies always created clumsy situation for their government and nation while connecting all territorial and communal violence with its neighboring countries like China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. All neutral analysts areof the view  that it  was aimed at  attracting newly elected American President Obama who showed his concern over burning Kashmir Issue and desire to settle the matter by nominating former President Bill Clinton on his behalf.

Anyhow, present Indian government has tasked its various intelligence agencies to find out and eradicate the actual root causes of increasing communal violence because approximately 55000 individuals have been killed since 1994 to 2008. The credit goes to them for accelerating the agencies to exert more rigorously against the actual culprits. The congress top leadership was in the opinion that they must get decisive votes of Muslims, Christian and Sikhs to win forth coming elections comfortably and at the same time curbing violence would help in toning down the changing world opinion against the country. The actions against extremists Hindus were also the demand of international communities because of their ruthless less actions against Christens, Muslims and Sikhs particularly in Orissa, Punjab, and Kashmir. Anyhow after the Mumbai stage-managed  attack, Indian  Prime Minster Manmohan and his Foreign Minster Pranab Mukherji lost senses and blamed Pakistan and ISI as per their past traditions.

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