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Need for realistic engagement


The lugubrious mayhem and cold blooded death of innocent Indian and foreigners in a well planned and well organized assault in the commercial and financial capital Mumbai, which have a value of secularism,multi ethnic and multi cultural ethos,in two luxurious hotels and a Jewish centre is a reprehensible act and a heinous crime against humanity.As when terrorists snipers managed to entrap and eliminate Hemant Karkare India anti terrorist investigator who exposed the nexus between military intelligence of serving Col Purohit and Hindu extremist militants involved in bombing of Malegaon,Ajmir and Samjotha Express.However many suspects it a stage managed drama to erase all trappings of nexus between military intelligence and Hindu extremist elements.In India terrorism has multi ethnic and multi religious origin deep seated due to hostile and furious environment created by arrogant and hawks in political elites,civil and military bureaucracy towards other religious minorities and ethnic communities including Muslims,Christians,Sikhs,Jains and untouchables.An organization of Muslim SIMI has been founded in 1970 involved in violence after demolition of Babri mosque in 1992 and in 1993 in Bombay riots.It developed its network in length and breadth of the country including Hyderabad,Assam,Kerala,Gujrat,CP and UP.Indian govt and intelligence agencies linking it to Middle East and Europe based Jehadi organization but native Muslims refute such allegations and say it’s the reason of federal and regional govts discriminatory policies and terming it an indigenous struggle and having no foreign links.Whereas Muslims in India forming 13 per cent(150m)out of 1.1 billion population and merely shares 3 per cent jobs in state institutions.While police department and judiciary has been dominate by Hindus and using heavy handed means against minorities particularly Muslims in the guise of anti terrorist laws.Even prestigious and sacred institution judiciary lack impartiality and neutrality in courts trial.Apart from Muslims there are separatist movements in some states such as Nagaland,Mizoram.Assam.Arunachal pardesh,Bodoland,Sikim,Manipur and Taripura and other places challenging writ of the govt,burining Indian flags and copies of constitution.Naxalites have waged war against India for more than three decades ago.During 1980 40000 lost lives in Khalistan movement,2300 Christians killed and their Churches demolished by Hindu extremist bands,more than 90000 died and 10000 women molested in Kashmir and 4000 Muslims were ruthlessly killed in Gujrat violence in 2002. India is a pluralist and diverse society and Muslims one of the largest minority deprived and alienated by ultra nationalist elements in Indian army and civil bureaucracy in cahoots with Hindu nationalists who denies socio-economic and political justice to Muslims and other minorities which ultimately causes discontent and disturbing peace.These minorities need positive discrimination who suffered a lot which is imperative for social cohesion,peace,political and economic development of India and regional peace,security and stability.Otherwise arrogant behaviour,intolerance and discriminatory policies will make India more volatile,insecure and vulnerable to such attacks.The miserable plight of down trodden religious, ethnic communities and untouchables in caste based Indian society weakening its social fabric hurt dignity,liberty and self respect of these communities by treating them as second class citizens.The source of  discontent and disgust of minorities is a formidable barrier to national unity,cohesion and integration.Hence the God gifted opportunity of Muslim community and Ulema’s decision of  not praying funeral prayers and not burying dead bodies of criminals of  Mumbai terror attacks is historic moment and augurs well for religious harmony. However tyranny,oppression and injustices caused down fall of great imperial powers such as Greek,Roman,Mugal,British and Soviet etc as will of the people not force is the base of state.However discriminatory policies and worst human rights violations make notion of Indian secularism and slogan of largest democracy meaningless.India needs introspection and socio-economic reforms.While internal fissures,ethnic,linguistic and communal strife making India soft target for well trained and well equipped terrorists and third party can also capitalizing on to create misunderstanding between two nuclear powers.So terrorists have no religion and nationality therefore it requires political will and determination of leadership of peace loving nations irrespective of their political and ideological differences,nationality and religion to solve it through political,economic and diplomatic means for a common goal of peace security and stability.Its solution lies in pacific settlement of regional disputes that is core issue of Kashmir.It is imperative to fight against hunger,poverty,illiteracy,unemployment and diseases.While hostilities and war is the negation of whims and aspiration of the majority living in the sub-continent.It would encourage and embolden shenanigans supporters and propagators of shibboleth extremist ideas who wants to sabotage peace process,friendly relations and peaceful co existence.Era of insanity and imprudence dissipating and wisdom and sanity prevails on both sides but it further requires sincere and concerted efforts of civil society,NGOs.human rights organization,intellectual,lawyers,doctors,engineers,businessmen and people from all walks of life to make valuable contribution for bringing peace and stability.Thus political awareness and public mobilization is an asset rather than military might,guns and bullets.Congress victory in state election against war monger BJP and Pak govt action against banned militant outfits LeT,Jamat ulDawa and its offshoots is a proof of sincerity and good omen for peace and security in the region.Due to active and astute diplomacy and political influence India and US get UN SC support.But the presence and activities of RAW agents fuelling insurgency in Baluchistan,tribal areas and frontier to Karachi in connivance with Mossad and CIA goes unnoticed and a reflection of double standard in war against terror multi lateral strategy.Pak seems diplomatically failed,isolated  and even betrayed in the comity of nations.Hence Pak’s incumbent democratic regime need support of all stakeholders diplomatic,financial and economic to combat terrorism and defuse tension between India and Pak escalated in the aftermath of Mumbai tragedy.To sum up both sides need close cooperation and coordination in joint mechanism for sharing information and investigation to trace terror networks.To adopt a single criteria for scrutinizing and taking action on concrete evidence,collected and thoroughly analyzed,in accordance with UN SC resolution 1373 which requires all states to”refrain from providing support to entities or persons involved in terrorists acts”give early warning to other sides” and deny safe haven to those who finance,plan support or commit terrorist acts”.This multi lateral approach will help to avert US undue interference in the region.Hence adopting this resolution we must get out of state of denial,self deception(tacitly supporting militants considering it a strategic asset) and mutual recrimination.

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