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Peace between Pakistan and India vital for region


PakistanIndiaPakistanIndiaPakistanIndiaPakistanIndiaPakistan is totally against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and has suffered the most both in terms of loss of life and property.  It must be realized that terrorism has no religion or border.  It is a common enemy of the humanity.  It is unfortunate that the  Mumbai incident happened a couple of days after the two countries had evolved on a joint mechanism to deal with the menace of  terrorism. Let us now get away with emotions and rather cooperate with each other in eliminating this scourge to ensure peace and usher in an era of progress and prosperity of the people which should be our top priority.  Let us leave a better world to live for our future generations. and would retard the efforts that are underway to improve the lot of the poor.   The best course would be to resolve all disputes in a peaceful manner. and would disappear and the two countries will resume the peace process that has been successfully moving forward.  The outbreak of war would not only  reverse the peace process between and . The conflagration between the two  countries will not remain confined to the Sub-continent.  It would rather engulf  the entire region. Once the war starts,  it  would be difficult to control it from affecting the peace of the whole region, rather the peace of the world.The most devastating effect would be the depletion of the resources of the two countries which should rather be spent on ameliorating the lot of the poor not only in Pakistan, but the entire region which has lagged behind other regions and is mired in abject poverty. We hope sanity would prevail and the clouds hovering over the horizon of and to conduct joint investigation into the Mumbai terror attacks so as to avert the danger of war between the two countries.  It is hoped the world powers would also play their due role  in defusing tension between the two nuclear rivals for the sake of world peace. Any full scale war  between the two countries will  spell disaster for the teeming millions of people who live below poverty line.  Though we cannot condone the despicable act of  terrorism in Mumbai, would counsel patience and tolerance and let  the investigations be completed  instead of beating the drums of war which is not in anybody’s interest. We urge  the leadership of the two countries to realize the consequences of  any war  between has repeatedly offered

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