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Violence against women in NWFP,FATA


Amidst reports of threat by the militant to women in Charsadda to wear veils or face acid attacks, an act which runs contrary to the concept of Islam which prohibits violence against women. Those who are hurling such threats certainly do not have the true perception of Islamic teachings and are spreading their own version of Islam by terrorizing the women folk. The threat by Taliban has sent a wave shock and fear amongst the local population forcing the NWFP police and paramilitary FC to internsify their clean up operation against miscreants in in Charsadda district and destroyed many of their hideouts. DPO Charsadda Waqif Khan when contacted said the dens and centres of outlaws were dismantled in troubled Machani near Mohamand Agency, Snowghundai, Ayeshakoroona and suburban areas of Shabqadar. He said that several miscreants were feared dead in the operation. He said that peace committees have been setup at Village and Mohalla level in Charsadda district for maintaining law and order and to thwart the nefarious designs of anti-state elements. The committees were given the task to keep close vigil on the movement of suspected elements and urged elders not to allow miscreants among their ranks.Pakistan is passing through the worst of times in its turbulent history and is  in the grip of terrorism. Al-Qaeda and Taliban Terrorists in FATA, Wazristan, Bajaur and Mohmand,  Agency seems to be firmly entrenched.. .The big question is, who are funding, and supplying the terrorists with automatic weapons, bomb making explosives, detonators, fuses, wireless sets, night vision glasses, rocket and missiles? Who is providing them the technology and training to attack in strength and fight regular troops? .Certainly it is the foreign intelligence agencies particularly the Indian RAW which are fuelling and supporting insurgency in Pakistan. We must  evolve a joint workable strategy to deal with the menace. This internal war must be won to save Pakistan.


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