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Lahores\’ terrorist attacks 3 to 30 march


Despite Government’s tall claims that it is successfully carrying out military operation to eliminate terrorism, the menace is spreading in the whole country. The terrorist’s having safe havens in FATA are now striking evens the Federal Capital and Punjab Metropolitan city Lahore’.The attack on a Police Training school in Lahore on Sunday  almost had the same pattern as the  terror attack on the  Sri Lankan cricket team attack on 3 march.The terrorists have been targeting the law enforcement agencies with the sole objective of terrorizing the general public and to create among them a feeling of insecurity. These were deliberately planned to threaten the legitimacy and stability of provincial and federal governments.The latest spurt in terrorist attacks has sent shock waves across the country, with each and every person condemning this dastardly act in the strongest possible terms. though acts of terror and sabotage have unfortunately become part of the daily life, terrorism against cricketers of a friendly country  and the killing of police officers undergoing training in Lahore are  unpardonable tragedies for every Pakistani. This is because 3/3 attack followed in the same manner the sudden attack on police training school, both in Lahore, wares not just a mere act of terrorism but a deep-rooted conspiracy against Pakistan. These denigrate the international standing and reputation of Pakistan. The people behind these attacks have demonstrated that terrorists were vary strong and no one is safe or free from falling victim to terrorism. The attacks may only embolden terrorists to continue incursion into settled areas like lahore,Rawalpindi,Karachi,Peshawar,Quetta.In this backdrop, one can understand the anguish and concern of the nation, as was reflected in spontaneous and universal condemnation of the terrorist incidents by analytical and expert opinions expressed during talk shows and interviews, strong reaction by the leadership of political parties, religious entities, and business community. Even the entire Government leadership seemed to be hurt by the well-planned conspiracy to malign Pakistan as a state incapable of weeding out the terrorist network led by Al-Quaeda. However, once again the incident exposed utter lack of coordination and communication among different wings and ties of the Government. There is a consensus amongst knowledgeable circles that Lahore attacks were Mumbai-style operations  carried out by the enemy to the revenge of 26/11 attacks in the Indian Port City.Initial reports and investigations also indicate involvement of the Indian Spy Agency RAW in the terrorist acts in Pakistan. That is why during his first interaction with newsmen in Lahore, the Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior said that the involvement of a foreign hand could not be ruled out. Governor Punjab Salman Taseer pointed out fingers towards India. According to reports Baitullah Mahsud has claimed the responsibility for the terror attack on the police training school in Lahore. But there are reasons to believe that anti-Pakistan forces have been behind the recentsyrge in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. This can only mean we remain at immense risk. It can only be time before the killers strike again, and this is hardly a comforting thought for any of us. It is hoped the authorities would pursue both the Lahore  incidents  in right earnest and expose the perpetrators of the heinous crime.


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