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Women in Swat,FATA face wrath of Taliban


With the advent of Talibanisation, women, particularly young girls are facing the wrath of Taliban. According to the displaced persons from Swat, the Taliban has made the lives of the woman-folk intolerable. Imposing their self-styled vision of Islam, the Taliban have restricted the women-folk inside the fore walls of their house. The Taliban are forcing the young girls to marry the so–called Mujahideen against their will. The claim that such marriage had taken place during the times of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). These Taliban are so illiterate that they do not comprehend even the ABC of Islam and interpreting Islam to suit their own interests. Islam has always laid down that no marriage can take place without the consent of the couple. How can girls in the war-afflicted area be forced to marry a militant whose span of life is too little to comprehend. The militants are going to be eliminated by the Pakistan security forces sooner than expected. One shudders to know such brutal acts against the women and totally unacceptable under Islam. Among all these, women are made to follow strict codes of behavior that essentially reduce her to a slave at home yet also elevate her to the moral guardian of honor.Taliban is the best illustration of such hard line religious bigotry. With their overt display of brute misogyny that almost places women under house arrest, Taliban has come to be seen as the flag-bearer of women’s oppression. Taliban have deprived women of their identity, voice and mobility through strict edicts such as their banishment from schools, colleges and the work force. Women were prohibited from leaving their houses unless accompanied by a male relative. The burqa or chador with a small air grille by the eyes was the only permissible clothing a woman could wear. Male doctors could not examine girls and women, while female doctors were anyway not being allowed to work! Public flogging and execution for violation of Taliban decrees ensured most women, and men, toe their line. Taliban justifies its policing of women in the name of a pure, fundamentalist Islamic ideology. However, many religious scholars have stressed that Taliban’s interpretation of Sharia has no basis in Islam which actually allows women’s participation in public life.

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