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Why Pukhtoons not allowed in Punjab, Sindh?


Nawaz Sharif and Shabaz Sharif and Zardari and Altaf Husain have decided that it is in Pakistan’s interest that Pukhtoons should not cross the borders of NWFP preferably and be kept in camps and not allowed in towns. Not aware of the irony of their disgraceful stance, all of these either have been refugees or are still living the life of a refugee. While London and Saudi Arab could have refused to take refugees, Pakistan cannot deny to its citizens which part of it they wish to live.As a Pakistani any Pakistani can go and live in any part of Pakistan. This is a protection given by the constitution of Pakistan, the same constitution that these politician desperately miss when it is in suspension but no regard for it when in operation .Yet another returned refugee, Rehman Malick, blurting away without thinking as ever, he is not going to let IDPs go to other provinces. He went on to announce a penalty for those who broke the law he just verbally made by stating they will not be entitled to the 25000 rupees the government agreed to give earlier. What leader in which part of the world will dare say anything like this. If anything it was the time for them to spread their wings and take in the affected people not to block the roads. These are the people who saw every hardship under the sun in the last two years trying to leave the hell on earth and reach their relatives or friends after weeks of hunger, sleeplessness and losing family members. All of these “leaders” ran away when they were put to a test by the twist of fate. Then a stage is set for them to be crowned again and so they descended on Pakistan. But before these wise people utter any word which could affect thousands of people they need to think long and hard to distinguish between what is their wish and what is the law of the land. Who gave them the authority to decide for us which Pakistani is to live where. This is as much a Pukhtoon’s country as much it is of any of the above four or any Punjabi, Sindhi or Baluchi. The hypocrisy of these people is mind blowing. They were at the fore front help the refugees of Afghanistan when the war broke out, so they set up dozens of camps for three million Afghan refugees in NWFP. It was ensured these refugees did not set foot in Sindh or Punjab. ANP wailed and cried ran between pillar and post, to stop meddling in other countries affairs or this war will become your worst nightmare , they were branded as “traitors”. The economic, social and political fall out of this decision as well the years and years of bomb blasts in NWFP in particular Peshawar should be fresh in the minds of all those old enough to remember this period. But how it affected Pukhtoons and NWFP forever is before every body’s eyes today. Now that unending nightmare has grown to a full blown doomsday and as the inhabitants of the nameless province who also happens to be the citizens of Pakistan, like Altaf Husain, like Zardari and like the Sharifs , who are trying to find a safe haven in their own country to protect theirs and their kith and kin’s life have been denied their basic right of citizenry.Altaf being “Altaf Bhai ” seems to get away with anything including the proverbial murder. He migrates from Bihar, and was welcome to Pakistan,
and was welcome to live anywhere he and they wanted to live, being shrewd enough chose to live in the city of lights, developed a party that plays havoc with Pakistan forever, lives in exile as a refugee, the exile was self imposed though as he had to save his life after killing scores and scores of people and when his own death became certain, strangely and inexplicably feel entitled to decide which ethnicity to live in which part of Pakistan, from at least 4000 miles away. Can some one explain why? Can the meek chief minister of Sindh explain why he had to spring to his feet to please the bizarre Altaf Bhai. The reality is that those who have no where else to go to has a much bigger claim than the four or the five mentioned here and many more not mentioned, all of whom have palaces in different parts of the world, three of them returned to ensure they receive their part of the booty now and the past debt, and the fourth one who is the master in the art of milking the system which he always manages to do very well under the guiding light of dictators but equally artful without them, still living in London as a refugee. The Sharif’s seems to have learned nothing from their migration and being refugees for 8 years, the mentioning of which is untiring when they were trying to get back the Takht of Punjab. In human terms all that experience did not mean anything because if you go abroad only to live in different palaces around the world you can’t claim to have experienced the hardships of a refugee.Being now on the throne of Punjab,Shabaz Sharif quickly forgot Habib Jalib’s “Mey nahi manta”. He shamelessly used the revolutionary poem to get back to the throne meant for the stricken and downtrodden.The reason we are where we are is because of leaders like these midgets.The government is about to call for another APC for Baluchistan in the name of reconciliation while alienating people on whom as much wrath has been unleashed as earthly possible , they are left in the lurch instead of healing their wounds. It seems they are bent on the idea to ensure a complete doom at whatever is left of this country.

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