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What is next in Afghanistan?

By Afshain Afzal

As per the latest reports, Washington has planned a conclusive round of talks with the Taliban during this month or early next month. To make a conducive atmosphere, western sponsored media has started leaking reports that US’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has removed the name of Amir-ul- Momineen, Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar from the list of most wanted terrorists. Media report claims that US and Taliban negotiators reached a deal to transfer five Taliban Mujahideen from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to Qatar and the removal of Taliban’s name from the terror list comes after latest deal. One wonders if it is really as a result of secret meeting which Washington is claiming or it is something else. It is no more a secret that US has withdrawn all most all its combatant forces from Afghanistan, leaving behind a handful of personnel looking after reconstruction projects and training of Afghan forces and Police. The personnel who are seen in combat uniform on Afghan soil are, in fact, either Afghan soldiers or non-Americans from countries like UAE, Jordan, Bangladesh, India etc. One seriously doubts about the authenticity of these reports as many times in the past such claims were made but they disappeared like bubble in the air after denial from the Taliban side.

It is interesting to note that the western agencies claim that they have met Taliban representatives in Dubai and Qatar but Taliban authorities are denying this. It seems that it is an attempt by the western intruders to level allegations against Afghan Mujahideen that they were in secret contact with western intruders. It is on record that few days back 4 deadly attacks were carried out in two provinces of Afghanistan in which numerous US troops and pro-NATO Afghan personnel were killed.  Ironically, US and Middle Eastern authorities claim that Taliban have established office in Qatar but Taliban leadership in Afghanistan and some of the visiting members of exile-Shura in Quetta have denied any existence of any such office or negotiations with enemies of Islam.  The propaganda is being carried out at the time which US has almost completed humiliating withdrawal and neither US nor NATO is in the position to dictate anything. The sole purpose behind this propaganda is to give authenticity to those baseless reports and books that would be published in the future to malign the characters of those who took arms to free their country from world top 46 countries of the world including so called super power.

It would be a matter of interest to many that from previous some months or a year, certain highly objectionable magazines and other literature are in circulation in which language used by Taliban in their newspapers is replicated to make them appear voice of Mujahideen of Afghanistan. Its strange to observe that despite Pakistan Army’s active participation in war on terror, Mujahideen in Afghanistan do not consider Pakistan Army as enemy Army and believes that a very few among them were made captive in their thoughts by the Yahood, Hanood, wa Nisara. It needs to clarify here that they term used by them does not include the followers of Hazrat Eassa (Alhe Salam) and Hazrat Mussa (Alhe Salam) but disbelievers who betrayed the prophets and changed their religion for own vested interests. Such propaganda techniques are used to make US terrorist attacks on Afghanistan and other parts of the world justified. Ironically in all of these publications no address of the publisher or editor is given rater a website and e-mail addresses are used.

In another development, the NATO forces have instigated Afghan National Army (ANA) command to launch offensives against criminals and drug barons in various locations to maintain law and order. Ironically, these experimental operations are being carried out when all most all the US troops have been withdrawn from Afghanistan and have been replaced by members of coalition forces from other countries including Muslim countries. In operations last week, four persons were killed and around four dozen arrested in a joint crackdown by Afghanistan Police, ANA and NATO forces in the provinces of Kandahar, Helmand, Kunar, Nangarhar, Kapisa, Takhar, Baghlan, Wardak, Logar, Ghazni, Khost and Herat. Afghan authorities have claimed that beside some arms and ammunition, 280 kilogram of opium, 164 kilogram of hashish and four kilogram of heroin were recovered. The US and allies are presently in no position to negotiate.

The President Obama’s administration is also closing down notorious Guantanamo Bay in Cuba as well as hundreds of torture centers in US and elsewhere before the forthcoming elections. It is not only the elections that has compelled Washington to take these steps but fears prevails among western countries that other countries would also open torturing centers like Guantanamo Bay in their remote locations to follow the path set by Washington to regard  justice, human rights and respect to international laws. One wonders if it is legal in international law to arm Intelligence agencies with drones and high-tech missiles to attack civilian in other countries. If this is really the law, one fears that tomorrow we would find foreign intelligence agencies and their agents openly committing terrorism as was done in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. [email protected]

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