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Army Courts advise Provinces not to send cases with inconclusive evidence

uns ttp millitants-2016ISLAMABAD -UNS – Army Courts on Friday have advised Provinces not to send cases with inconclusive evidences. The Army Courts have sent more than 50 cases back to the Provinces citing the lack of concrete evidence.

According to the details, the number of cases sent to the military courts has risen to 200 since their formation one year ago. The army courts have advised Provinces against sending those cases which lack required information, documents, concrete evidence and details of the case.
According to sources, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) sent 100 cases, the largest number of any province. Balochsitan sent 41, Sindh 17, Gilgit-Baltistan sent 7 while Punjab only sent 4 cases to the army courts.

The military courts have sentenced more than 30 terrorists to death since its formation. Cases sent to the army courts include terrorist attacks on security forces, government institutions and schools and of terrorists belonging to banned organizations.

The military courts also sent cases of crime involving minors back to the Provinces.

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