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Pakistan is leader of Muslim world : Gambian Minister



ISLMABAD: Minister of Higher Education,Research and technology of Republic of the Gambia, Prof. Dr Aboubacar Abdullah Senghore said that Pakistan must lead Muslim world because this country have a big potential to lead the developing countries. During an interview with ‘WORLD TRIBUNE PAKISTAN’during his recent visit Islamabad, he said that Pakistan geo-strategic and geo-politically position is very important and have all the potentials to lead OIC.

Pakistan is atomic power, having world leading army, economy is strong with big human resource and have big achievements in education,science,technology and social development. Pakistan have waste experience in socio-economic development and political governance and the Muslim countries can learn many things from Pakistan in science and technology,education,socio-economic development, agriculture, industrial development and political governance .

Abdullah exposed the Organization of Islamic Countries(OIC) and said that OIC role is no more effective.OIC is helpless to fulfill their mandate according to chartered. He said that OIC not yet played effective role in Gulf crises,Afghanistan and Kashmir issue.

He said Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran are main actors of Muslim world and they must come forward to play their role to solve Ummah problems. Restructuring of OIC is need of hour and its under consideration. He said Gambia will host OIC conference in 2018.He said Pakistan is one the strong country in Muslim world and can play positive role to lead Ummah.

Talking about Pakistan-Gambia bilateral relations, Abdullah said his country is utilizing Pakistani experience in science technology, education,agriculture research and political governance. Pakistan offered scholarships in education and research in different fields. He said Pakistan and Gambia relations is very closed and its based on mutual interest and brotherhood. He said Pakistan is playing important role in socio-economic development of Gembia.


Mr Abdullah represented his country in the 15th General Assembly of COMSTECH held in Islamabad. During the summit General Assembly of COMSTECH endorses a comprehensive 10 year plan of action for development of science and technology in OIC states prepared by COMSTECH in consultation with eminent scientists of several member states. He explained that the plan recommends all member states to implement basic needs of provision of quality education, food, water, energy and infrastructure facilities for all before the implementation of projects for advancement of Science and Technology.

The resolution adopted by COMSTECH General Assembly in its concluding session envisages a better future for Muslim World provided they collaborate by sharing physical and technical resources to build collective competence in science and technology.

The Ibne al Haitham programme for exchange of scientists within the OIC states in the 10 year plan of action is a step forward towards increasing collaboration and capacity building of less developed member states. In this regard COMSTECH has selected 5 centers of excellence in OIC states. Five more will be selected for the exchange programme.

Science, Technology and Innovation Organization (STIO) will be made functional and financially viable organization for implementation of p;rogarmmes and activities identified in the 10 year plan of action.
The General Assembly acknowledged the award of 50 scholarships under the aegis of OIC Education Exchange Programme since 2009-10 and additional 50 scholarships through ISESCO by the Government of Pakistan every year for the students of member states.

Abdullah said that the COMSTECH exclusively appreciated offer of Government of Pakistan to award 30 scholarships to students of OIC member states to study of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) through OIC education exchange programme.

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