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Home / Breaking News / Obama pushed Pakistan to Russian-China Axis; Is President-elect Trump intend winning back Pakistan?

Obama pushed Pakistan to Russian-China Axis; Is President-elect Trump intend winning back Pakistan?

uns putin,nawaz meeting-2015The recent telephone call transcript between US President(elect) Mr Trump and Pakistani Prime Minister has surprised all and sundry. His appreciation for Pakistan and its people has amazed the nation who were used to nothing but criticism /bashing from USA under Obama Administration. He reiterated his willingness to mediate in resolving dispute with India. Earlier also Mr Trump in an interview with an Indian TV Channel had expressed his desire to mediate for resolution of Kashmir dispute to the utter dis-liking of India.

Therefore, many people in Pakistan sees it as a sign of departure,reversal failed US policy, which delivered Pakistan to Russian- China Axis. Thanks to Mr Obama’s misguided policy of squeezing and isolating Pakistan (http://worldtribunepakistan.com/2016/05/25/a-misguided-policy-advocated-by-us-media-and-lawmakers/), China is making CPEC at its own terms and conditions, while Russia has now got access to Warm Water Port in Arabian Sea, which it had failed to get through Military might.

uns-pmchinese-president-2016However, the public release of transcript has shocked Pro-Indian Media in USA and led to an uproar. The Media initially tried to create an impression that the statement was twisted/ exaggerated by Pakistani PM office and US President elect Trump could not and would not have expressed such positive sentiment for Pakistan/ its people.

Later when they failed to get a denial from Mr Trumps‘s transition office, they stared maligning Pakistan for committing a breach of diplomatic norms by revealing the contents of conversation.

They even went on to claim that it was a Pakistani conspiracy to create a wedge between US – India relations (refer panel discussion at CNN with Wolf Blitzer), thus giving an impression that US Foreign policy has become subservient Indian sensitivities.

The reaction of pro-Indian US media reflects that it have played a significant role in inducing animosity towards Pakistan and it would do its utmost to oppose any rapprochement/ improvement of US-Pakistan ties. Indians are already weary of Mr Trump’s economic policy as regards to balance of trade issue with major US Trading partners (India enjoys a trade surplus of $ 20 Billion besides outsourcing many US jobs). Therefore, Indian proxies have reacted so sharply to a mere diplomatic gesture. They even forced White House to issue a response on Mr Trump’s remarks.

Nevertheless, one hopes that Mr Trump who understands the reality of US Media would not succumb to pressure. He would not tolerate US interests to be subordinated to that of its allies. He would be cognizant to the fact that US Policy of squeezing Pakistan under Obama Administration on the pretext of alleged support to Afghan Taliban (although actually it was to appease India) has backfired. US has not only lost leverage over its most reliable ally Pakistan (refer to cooperation during cold war period http://worldtribunepakistan.com/2016/05/27/a-misguided-policy-option-advocated-by-us-media-and-lawmakers-2/), but it has allowed China and Russia to dominate Pakistan and enjoy unprecedented access to Arabian Sea.

A “Reality Check of US-India-US Relations” may also reveal that the policy of appeasing India would not succeed in turning her into a reliable partner (http://worldtribunepakistan.com/2016/06/10/time-for-a-reality-check-of-us-india-alliance/. India will not be able to deliver on its commitments owing to her inherent weakness geopolitical compulsions (refer to her relations with Russia, trade with China and role of Shanghai Cooperation Council). The best option for US and Pakistan is to maintain a friendly relation to balance influence of various regional powers in the region /Arabian Sea.

It is also time Muslims and Pakistani’s in particular should stop despising Mr Trump (http://worldtribunepakistan.com/2016/07/17/muslims-should-not-despise-donald-trump/ – http://worldtribunepakistan.com/2016/07/19/muslims-should-not-despise-donald-trump-2/).

He is against using/ cooperating with Radical Islamist to further the interests of US allies. He wants to play neutral in mediating between Israel and Palestinians. In any case true interests of people of USA are not detrimental to interests of Muslim world.-By R Ahmad

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