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Is Nawaz Sahrif Callous or Naive?


The Panama Leaks has become a curse for ruling Sharif family. In April,May 2016, when Mr Nawaz Sharif indicted his late father of money laundering/ tax evasion (for establishment of Steel Mills in Dubai) people thought he was naïve and could not appreciate implications of his stance. However, making all his innocent children to lie purposely on oath (affidavits submitted in Supreme Court) to save his Prime Minister Ship reflects otherwise. It not only confirms that Mr Nawaz Sahrif did implicate/indict his deceased father consciously/knowingly, but also indicates that his obsession for power and wealth knows no bounds.

While false testimonies by individuals are not uncommon but one would not allow /ask all his children to lie collectively on oath due to fear that it may expose them to curse/ wrath of God/Allah. Perhaps he has forgotten about “Ayat e Mubahila” (Ayat 61- Sorah “Aal-e Imran”) which were probably sent to challenge the human instinct of not exposing its kin. Astonishingly none of the opponents of prophet (people of book or infidels) dared to accept this challenge owing to inherent love for his children. (…..Come, let us call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves, then supplicate earnestly [together] and invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars)
One is perplexed over state of Mr Nawaz Sahrif’s mindset and parental affection.

Is he naïve about the gravity of premeditated sin or he is being callous in his hunger for power and money? However, the recent attempt by Rana Sanaullah (a mouthpiece of ruling family) to malign Military Establishment do reflect Mr Sharif’s insensitivity to the national interests as well.

A God fearing man has suggested that we should forgive Mr Nawaz Sahrif as he has already brought enough curses to his family by not heeding the suggestion from friends and family to resign. He even could save his portfolio by offering to surrender the assets,property,Flats in question obtained by his father through illegal practices but he selfishly chose to make his children to commit a deliberate sin. He further added that the dirty water or dirty money can not yield good crop or offspring.

Allah may have mercy on Sharif family and Pakistan as someone who can sacrifice his kith and kin for own-self can be trusted to lead the nation at this critical juncture (CPEC)? One wonders if God-fearing Mohterma Kulsum Nawaz was consulted and she has any say in this matter!

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