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Attorneys General in 16 US States condemn Trump’s Muslim visa ban

NEW YORK-UNS – Attorneys General from 16 US states have condemned Donald Trump’s executive order banning citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries travelling to the US.

The White House has remained defiant over the travel ban, which prevents people from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen travelling to the US, despite several judges ruling it is “unconstitutional and unlawful”.

One federal judge has ordered a temporary stay on the order, which was reportedly not reviewed by Department of Justice lawyers before it was signed, allowing people with green cards and visas into the country.

In a joint statement, the officials from California, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Virginia, Vermont, Oregon, Connecticut, New Mexico, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Illinois and the District of Columbia condemned the “chaotic situation” the order had created.

They said: “Religious liberty has been, and always will be, a bedrock principle of our country and no president can change that truth”.

The executive order banned all immigration from the seven countries for 90 days as well as suspending the entire US refugee programme for 120 days and forbidding the immigration of Syrian refugees indefinitely.

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