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Displaced persons in Chaman camps still waiting for govt’s help

CHAMAN -UNS – Displaced persons living in Chaman camps after the Afghan attack are still suffering from difficulties and waiting for government’s help.

Thousands of people of several villages evacuated their homes as the tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan increased after the unprovoked firing of Afghan forces which claimed at least 11 lives and injured more than 40 persons on Friday.

These persons were transferred to temporary camps that were built five kilometers away from the border, and are still deprived of basic necessities of life.

The camps do not have enough beds for the immigrants, and also lack the facility of light. The migrants are forced to live in open air with empty bellies. It has also been informed that some people have moved to other cities for shelter.

On the other hand, Bab-e-Dosti remains closed on the sixth day of the Afghan attack owing to security concerns. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) supply line, Afghan transit trade and pedestrian locomotion between Pakistan and Afghanistan, all are still suspended.

The stoppage of NATO’s supply line and Afghan transit trade have resulted in long queues of vehicles at the border, and traders are suffering losses worth millions of rupees.

The report of geological survey of Chaman’s areas Kali Luqman and Kali Jahangir, that was conduct by experts of both countries, has been sent to Islamabad and Kabul.

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