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We are waging Jihad against the Godfather of mafia: Imran

ISLAMABAD: PTI chief Imran Khan slammed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday by stating that his party was involved in a Jihad against the Godfather of mafia in Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference from Nathia Gali, Imran said that there was a clear distinction in Pakistani politics at the moment. He said that on one side were political parties who wanted change and on the other side were the ones who supported the old system.

“This is not politics; we’re waging Jihad on the Godfather of mafia in Pakistan,” said the cricketer-turned-politician.

Imran said that whosoever was with PTI in its stand against the Sharif family was against corruption. He blamed corruption for the current state of affairs that Pakistan was in.

He said that if Maryam Nawaz was proved as the real owner of the flats then the whole case of Sharif family will be dismissed. He said that the Qatari prince was also not coming to the Sharifs’ rescue this time.

“He comes here to hunt but he’s not coming here to bail out the Sharifs this time,” said Imran.

The PTI chief said that in the movement for change, women and children were actively involved. He said that Pakistan was currently involved in a decisive war against corruption.

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