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“Burhan Wani Day”

8th of July marked the first death anniversary of the an iconic figure of the Kashmir freedom movement, Burhan Wani who was martyred by Indian occupying forces in the Kashmir Valley last year. Since then the Indian Occupied Kashmir has witnessed an unprecedented protest rallies and with it the record human rights violations by Indian Army.

As if the indiscriminate use of pellet guns – blinding thousands of innocent unarmed civilians – was not enough, the Indian Army Major strapped an innocent Kashmiri citizen to an Army jeep and paraded him for many hours. The worst was that instead of condemning the barbarous act, the Indian Army Chief rewarded the Major with commendation card calling it an innovative act. This forced the Human Rights Watch Executive Director Keneth Roth to state that, “Indian army chief shows criminal leadership, backing as ‘innovative’ troops’ use of Kashmiri man as a human shield.”

Burhan Wani’s anniversary, as was expected, was observed on a large scale in Indian Occupied Kashmir but alas, not so fervently in Pakistan and got very less coverage on Pakistani media. It is our duty as a Pakistani and as a Muslims to pay our tribute to the freedom fighters of Kashmir cause. They are being martyred while carrying on Pakistani flags in the rallies and are also proudly buried in one.

Alas, our present political leadership including that of PTI is showing criminal negligence by not supporting the Kashmir freedom movement whole heartedly. Their main focus is on internal politics which is also important but not more important than the Kashmir cause.

Kashmiris are playing their part by giving tremendous sacrifices and are demanding a durable, respectful and peaceful solution. Every nook and corner of Kashmir has been up in a revolt, giving a clear verdict of No to Indian occupation. The Kashmiris are marching steadily towards their ultimate goal, freedom from Indian Occupation.

But are we as a country doing our role?

I would urge the leadership of Pakistan to declare the 8th of July as “Burhan Wani Day” and show complete solidarity with our Kashmiri brethren by arranging various seminars and talk shows on the day and try to bring out the tyranny and oppression that Kashmiris are facing under the brutal Indian Occupying forces onto the world forums. This is least we can do for our oppressed brethren.-UMAR KHALID DAR,UK


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