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JIT Report a Day Before

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is not going to be disqualified. He has been ‘’enough disqualified’’ in the past – 1999-2008. Opponents should learn to compete with him in elections and defeat him in election rather than hatching coups and drawing rooms conspiracies. Before forthcoming elections he and his party should be given equal across the board opportunity to go to the masses for the programs he launched in the past four years, generated 10,000 mw of electricity and completed a number of infrastructural projects under the CPEC. The growth has increased to 5.3 percent and would likely to increase to 7 percent. Masses are very conscious these days and they observe each step of the government.

All eyes are turned to watch the JIT report as submitted in the Supreme Court on Monday 10 July. This is the most crucial investigation after the Hamood ur Rehman Commission Report after the fall of Dhaka in 1971. Many other crucial matters were left alone and never properly investigated such as the murder of the Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan and Benazir Bhutto. The report to be summited to the Supreme Court is unlikely to change the political atmosphere cooking up since the Panama Papers were erupted.

No new evidence were brought to the JIT. The matter remained somewhat the same as was there when the Supreme Court made the decision to set up the JIT. The members of the JIT crossed their limits and mandate as alleged by the PML (N). If this is true, they did not made the dent rather invited criticism on their own investigation. The sanctity of the JIT was questioned at times and the issue of photo leakage was brought to the Supreme Court without fixing the responsibility. This is a turning point and would not easily go away. This needs another JIT.

After the JIT report submission that matter would remain unchanged. Nawaz Sharif would continue to be the Prime Minister with no major overhauling in the governance system. His disqualification would not take up and he would be fit for 2018 elections with better pronouncements, energy and transportation projects. The hype created by the PML (N) leaders in response to severe criticism, such as the PTI would likely to see Nawaz Sharif behind the bars in Adiala Jail etc, would come down. It looked that Chairman PTI might had direct link with members of the JIT and he was ‘’well-informed’’ about the outcome of the investigation. With this political immaturity, he gave plenty of room to his opponents by making JIT report controversial beforehand.

A significant development is that the JIT investigation made the sibling of Nawaz Sharif on the political lime light of national politics. Maryum Nawaz was there for quite some time but not with that vigour as was shows during her JIT appearance. Public at large did not see Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz making political comments. With JIT investigation, PML (N) got three new faces as future leaders otherwise they would had remain non-political. In 2018 election, they have a turn. The popularity would come in their way.

The main petition was that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not disclose his real assets in 2013 elections and subsequent assets declarations. The political hype buried this reality and gone with unending allegations and defence by PML (N) leaders. Things would cool down after 10 July and except for elation 2018, there would not be any other option left.

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