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Why Somaliland elections matter to the World

By Abdirahman M Dirye
Fever and peaceful rallies at the hand, Somaliland will enter in an era of uncertainty in the presidential elections at the end of this year. Despite the odds, it smoothly held elections and passed the test with flying colors; this time, the stakes are high: the government stuck in power, decided to shut down the revolving door of power and continue hanging on power indefinitely with the change of the senile president whose ambition longevity foiled by amnesia, and Simple Stroke, with less qualified candidate, Muse BihiAbdi—if this wild dream becomes true, the democracy and the freedom of speech of Somaliland admired by the Western world will come to an end, but Somaliland voters are battling and know how much democracy and change of hands in power means to them “ I will be martyred fighting for the change like dudes before me” protested determined voter. .
Aminarts copyright reflecting ruling party’s expected downfall
Amin Arts Somalia world renowned artist in Canada wished ill for the ruling party for the failing policies that caused the hyperinflation and crippled the lives of millions of Somaliland. He has no stakes in either of the two rival parties however he reflected what is going on the ground in Somaliland’s elections.
In Buurta Sheikh, Wadani opposition party flag were denied and arrested people seen waving it, declared residents. In Gabilaye, cops closed down Wadani party offices to stop the rising popularity; it is the last stronghold of which the ruling party Kulmiye’s candidate reckoned on but been displaced by Wadani. “ it is disasterous for Somaliland to say certain (Wadani) party doesn’t belong to certain district in clanwise, and it is dangerous for democracy!” Voter cards or more precisely ballot papers in pro-Wadani party districts were confiscated by the municipalities to undermine vote counts. These systematic events indicate the ruling party Kulmiye shaken with corruption scandals, wholesale looting, and unlimited leasing the nation’s ports and airports to foreign forces, isn’t ready for giving up power never mind holding “free and fair elections”. Beautiful milky She-Camel Maandeeq is married to the wrong man, we have to dislodge from power to put the country back on track, said Abdirahman Iro of Wadani opposition charismatic leader.
No true candidate except for him. His party members and independent media folks face constant intimidation of arrest yet remain defiant. The sole face of the opposition camp as well as the Speaker of Somaliland Parliament, Mr Iro went to the police station to visit an official of his party, Munir, founder of online paper, Somalilandtoday.com but the cop at the gate raised his gun at him asking him to raise his hands up and kneel down “I am your Speaker, don’t you know me?” screamed the Speaker and the opposition leader Iro. He retreated cancelling his visit to avoid confrontation for greater good of Somaliland.
The ongoing intimidation campaign of the government pushed the few remaining clannish supporters to Wadani side and made Mr Iro the only genuine voice for the poor masses regardless of clan and force for democratic change.
Muse Bihi stopping voters running away from his soldierly policies
Dozen of heavywieght politicians including former powerful Security Minister, cousin of Muse Bihi Abdi, officially joined the oppostion party Wadani dashing the military officer presidential candidate’s hope to win in the next elections.
The ruling party Kulmiye’s presidential candidate is a notorious haunted by his political nightmares and misadventures: architect of the civil war in 1994 and ex-Mujahid warlord in non-Isaaq territories of Awdal, Sool, and East Sanaag. Muse Bihi the luckiest of the unluckiest of the ruling party candidate embarrassed by the thousands of Wadani party taken to the streets in Buroa when he actually welcomed by handful of government staff mainly of soldiers of civilian dress and public school pupils taken with government buses from elsewhere. Egal the late president was anathema but ruled Somaliland for over a decade with Super Awal clan tycoons from Djibouti. Habarjeclo militia was hired to die for us, said Kulmiye’s top advisor, a Nigeria and Congo returnee. Where are they today? Said, Muse Bihi. It is true Arab, Isaxaaq, HabarJeclo kinsmen fighting and dying for Somaliland were considered mercenaries for Habar Awal power because Muse’s clannish ‘tycoons’ shelter, feed, and pay them. Without the financial assistance of Super Awal tycoons, Somaliland authority of “ Tribes with Flags” couldn’t print a national currency or maintain peace, we are the axis of the wannabe nation, said Gabilay resident. These great tribes are taken for ride. Muse Bihi called Gabilay the “New York’ of Somaliland, for saying half of Somaliland wealthy persons belong to Gabilay. It bailed out the ragtag army war during the 1994 and subjugated Garxajis tribes. Muse recalls of fairytales of the past. “Make me win!” said Muse Bihi.
Embattled with dark chapters of auctioning Hargaysa’s only public library, schools, barracks, and museums, Kulmiye ruling party has no chance of comeback whatsoever but rigging is open option to the conmen in power.
Mirroring US last disgraceful elections of which Henry Clinton met painful loss despite having the ruling party, the government, and the media on her side and things expected to run smoothly for her side when the whole world against Trump yet he won, Somaliland presidential candidate from the Kulmiye doesn’t need to campaign nor does need to buy airtime from private channels because the government media and the judiciary are at the his disposal and rubber stamp respectively. Even another boon to the ruling party Kulmiye is guaranteed: UCID fake opposition leader Ali Faysal Ali Warabe but puppet one who wants to take over the finance ministry vowed to take sides with the ruling party election when the main opposition party boycotts the rigged result in favor of the ruling party.

Muse marching behind the party torn flag trashed
The return of the ruling party by hook and crook will weaken Somaliland institutions, narrow any chance of global recognition for Somaliland, and empower Al-Shabab which said to operate on the margins. Puntland president Abdiwali Gaas “our business community pays taxes to Al-Shabab out of fear, not us, the government”.
Somaliland presidential elections impact goes far beyond her borders. Any tensions resulting from elections can be exploited by sleeping agents of Al-Shabaab who hate democracy, and the rule of law. The subsequent chaos will affect the region and the wider world unless forced the government to deal with elections result with fairness and force to allow the will of the people be heard unhampered without twists and turns.
Dirye is Somaliland concerned national, mrdirye@gmail.com

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