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Peace with Pakistan is our national agenda: Ashraf Ghani

KABUL -UNS- Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani said that his government was ready for comprehensive talks and that peace with Pakistan was his national agenda.

“From here, I have a message to Pakistan: We are ready for comprehensive political talks. Peace with Pakistan is in our national agenda,” Ghani said, addressing political elites and journalists at the Presidential Palace on Friday to mark Eid ul Azha.

The Afghan president also renewed his offer for talks with militant groups.

“It is the time for anti-government armed groups to choose the path of peace. If they are Afghans and are not the tools of others,” he said.

“The anti-government armed groups should choose. It is the time that they should choose that whether they are Afghans and have been grown by an Afghan mother or they are a tool of Khawarij (members of an evil group that appeared in the first century of Islam) for creating divisions (among the people of Afghanistan),” he said. “Once again I extend the hand of peace to all of them (militant groups) and tell them that peace is the order of God.”

He commended the sacrifices of the Afghan Security and Defense Forces.

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