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‘US-India Armed Drones Agreement to destabilize balance of power in region’

ISLAMABAD -UNS – Pakistan opposes US-India armed drones agreement. Foreign Office’s spokesperson Nafees Zakaria clearly remarked that this move is likely to destabilize the balance of power in the region.

“Armed drones agreement should be reviewed in the light of international laws related to arms inhibition,” he said, adding that the world powers should not take any moves lightly which may affect balance of power in the subcontinent.

The spokesperon stressed that India is a terror sponser state and American Secretary of State has been informed about India’s malicious activities regarding the use of Afghan soil to coordinate terrorist activities in Pakistan.

“Indian agression can further disturb the peace in the region,” said Zakaria, adding that every country has the right to progress provided that it does not interfere with the security and prosperity of another country.

Expressing the concern regarding Afghanistan, The spokesperson informed that 40 percent of Afghan territory is controlled by terrorist elements.

Commenting on India’s Nuclear program, Zakaria said that India is mis-using its status as a member of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and running three Nuclear programs right under the nose of the international community, adding that the European countries should really review the negative aspects of their civil nuclear deals with India.

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