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Finance minister Yuval Steinitz speaks at a press conference at the Ministry of Finance, presenting the yearly report of the government workers wages. October 10, 2011. Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** éåáì ùèééðéõ ùø äàåöø

Israel have secret ties with ´many´ Arab states,Saudi Arabia: minister

JERUSALEM -AFP/UNS: An Israeli cabinet minister said on Sunday that Israel had covert ties with “many” Arab and Muslim states but was obliged not to name them at the other sides´ request.

A rare interview given by the head of Israel´s armed forces to a Saudi-owned news site was published on Thursday, further fuelling talk of close links.

“We have ties, some of them secret, with many Arab and Muslim states ,” Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz told Israeli army radio on Sunday.

“Usually the one who wants those ties to be discreet is the other side,” he said in response to a question about ties with Riyadh.

“We respect the wishes of the other side when contacts are developing, whether it is with Saudi Arabia or other Arab or Muslim countries.”

Although Saudi Arabia and Israel have no official diplomatic relations, they share a common enemy in Iran, with both seeking to limit the Islamic republic´s expanding influence in the Middle East.

Netanyahu has also spoken repeatedly and with pride about growing rapprochement with “moderate Arab states” without naming them, although he is assumed to be referring to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with countries of the moderate camp in the Arab world, in the face of radical Islam,” he told Israel´s parliament last week.

“I think that this growing closeness and consultation is first and foremost good for security and ultimately for peace,” he added.

Tensions between the Saudis and Iran have intensified in recent weeks, with Riyadh-backed Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri saying he is stepping down over what he called Iran´s grip on his country.

According to UNS Yuval Steinitz said that Israel have good cooperation and ties with Saudi Arabia and UAE also but its coverts ties.

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