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Jerusalem as capital:’Trump doesn’t understand offence he is causing: London mayor Sadiq Khan


ISLAMABAD -London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said that “President Trump doesn’t understand world politics. He doesn’t understand the offence he is causing. This was stated by London Mayor Sadiq Khan in Responding to United States President Donald Trump’s announcement to shift the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

“It is very unfortunate and as a world we have to unite and explain to President Trump why he is wrong,” Khan said while speaking on local tv.

United Nations and the world understands that Jerusalem is part of a peaceful solution, he said, adding: “We are going to make sure we lobby and make the US government change its stance.”

“President Trump’s speech was very dangerous; I am very concerned,” Sadiq Khan said while also advising him to change his “views on Muslims and Islam”.

He went on to say that the people in London were not Trump’s fans and he will decide on his course of action when Trump announces his visit to the United Kingdom.

Addressing a joint press conference with Commerce Minister ,Sadiq Khan said that Pakistan and UK have deep rooted relation and both the countries will improve bilateral relations. He said that links between the two countries, he said that the relations between UK and Pakistan had been up and down during the 70 years since Pakistan gained independence for the UK, however, he hoped things would only look up from now onward.

“I am very optimistic about business links, tourism and study links,” he said, adding that he was pressurising the British government to ensure Pakistani students keep going to England. “London is open for Pakistanis.”

Khan is in Pakistan for an official visit to the country, and is the first London mayor to visit the Pakistan in an official capacity.He said many Pakistani students are studying in UK. Founder of Pakistan Quid-i- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah got education from UK. ‘Britain will facilitate Pakistani students in future too.’

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