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Water shortage in Badin

BADIN: Acute shortage water in Badin for the last three months and the people started their drift from different places to undisclosed places for their survival.

People from different areas and towns including Kadhan, Bhugra Memon, Behdmi, Seerani, Ahmed Rajo, Golarchi, Tando Bago, Nindo, Khoski and others cities and towns and places were facing a dire shortage of water that is forcing them to leave their homes empty and relocate to other unknown areas.

The acute water shortage began more than three months ago when people living in the tail-end areas of canals deprived of the water. The canals of district Badin including Kazia Wah old, Mirwah, Morhadi, Mithna Wah, Kamaro Wah, Ganj Behar and others have dried up when the same problem was clinching the critical situation in the areas which can leave the worsen affects to the people of Badin.

When it is astonishing to know that even there is no water even for drinking purpose in the canals and ponds of the water supply of different cities of district but irrigation departments through a notification has announced the water rotation for growers and citizens in across the district.

Meanwhile denizens of the cities and towns including Badin, Golarchi, Tando Bago, Talhar, Matli and others areas were worse affected residents those have no water even to drink. When, this severe shortage of water is being adversely affected the yield of this year which causes of financial losses to the growers as well.

It is an urgent and burning issue that requires an immediate attention of higher authorities to overcome the increasing water shortage in this highly poverty-marked district of Sindh. Other hand, district Municipal Committee Badin and others cities and towns were also failed to provide the clean drinking water despite the verdict of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Sources told that despite consuming reserved budget of millions for cleanness of ponds of water supply and assure the clean drinking water to the citizens’ administration was supplying contaminated water to the people of district which was creating a threat for health of the citizen.


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