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Water shortage in Badin

BADIN: The residents of Badin city were repelled in trouble and distress for getting water for their daily consumption because of the incompetency and ineptitude of administration of Badin Municipal Committee.

The water supply services were being paid in the preference areas of the city and for others parts of city the water was being allegedly sold which repelled the citizens to the hitch.

According to reports, every year, water rotation schedule on Kotri Barrage, the water was restricted for a long but due to lack of management, Municipal Committee Badin has not taken sufficient measure to ensure the water availability and supply to the citizens of Badin.

Due to lack of interest, Administration has foiled to fill the ponds of water supply of the city consequently residents of Badin were facing intensified acute shortage of water. The main areas of city including Shah Burhan, Gharibabad, PAF road, Ward No 05, Shanghani Muhla, Post office, Panwhar Muhla, Shahnawaz Chowk, Shahi Bazaar, Zargar Muhla, Shahbaz road and others different areas were deprived of the water.

By closing the main joints of water supply of different chowks like Shahnawaz Chowk, Fruit Chowk, Mehran Chowk and others, Municipal Committee providing was pleased to provide the water to the preference areas, Govt officials and colony of government workers.


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