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Judiciary has no right to insult others: Nawaz

KARACHI-UNS – Nawaz Sharif on Friday declared that the judiciary has no right to insult others, adding that the top court used words like Sicillian mafia and Godfather for him which is unacceptable.

Speaking to a public gathering in Karachi, the ex-PM recalled his disqualification from the office. “Court used words like Siciliian mafia and Godfather for me. It should also care about others self-respect,” he argued.

He asserted that the Supreme Court had insulted the position of the Prime Minister by issuing the orders of his disqualification.

Nawaz Sharif reminded the lawyers movement for the restoration of honourable judges. Nawaz Sharif said, “Movement for the restoration of judges wasn’t limited to a few judges. We succeeded in restoring the judges, but not the justice.”

The ousted premier claimed that the people of Pakistan could not fully receive justice, announcing to run a movement for the restoration of justice this time.

Talking about the corruption references in accountability court, he said that the judiciary found affection for cases against his party of political nature. “Our judiciary always adopted strict behaviour for politicians while keeping dictactors their favourite,” he stated.

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