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IHC slams IB chief over viral audio recording in Faizabad dharna

ISLAMABAD -UNS : Justice Shaukat Siddiqui on Friday slammed IB chief over the viral audio leak in which controversial remarks were made about the chief justice.

Proceedings of the Faizaabad dharna took place at the Islamabad High Court which was presided over by Justice Shaukat Siddiqui. Justice Shaukat asked the IB chief to justify as to why he couldn’t come up with details regarding the controversial audio leak.

“Issue an order to grant IB the latest equipment that can compare audio recordings,” said the IB chief.

“Why not instead issue an order to shut down the institution that is a burden on the national treasury?” retorted Justice Shaukat. “ISI already wants to have IB merged with it.”

In response the IB chief stated that his institution had rendered important services as far as anti-terorrism cases were concerned.

“In the next hearing, submit a written report on why you couldn’t find out details about the controversial audio recording and tell us who has the facilities to carry out this activity,” said Justice Shaukat.

DG IB said that the institution was not in possession of equipment that could compare audio recordings and arrive at a conclusion regarding its identity.

In response the judge asked him as to which institution was in possession of such equipment to which DG IB responded that he did not know and could not answer that question.

“What sort of an intelligence chief are you?” asked Justice Shaukat. “You don’t even know what the common man knows. If you don’t then why are you the intelligence chief of IB? Does your work only include tapping the phones of important persons?”

Justice Shaukat said that a person had insulted the judiciary during the Faizabad dharna and had taken the name of the chief justice in a distasteful way.

He further said that one person’s signature was not on Raja Zafar-ul-Haq’s report. Justice Shaukat said that a common perception was that the civil and defence institutions were not on the same page.

“We will not weep this under the carpet,” he said.

Justice Shaukat ordered the defence secretary to submit the report by February 12 and said that failure to do so would amount to contempt of court proceedings.

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