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Nawaz endorses Modi’s anti-Pakistan narrative: PPP

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and PML-N founder Nawaz Sharif has endorsed the anti-Pakistan narrative of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi due to his controversial statement about the Mumbai terror attacks, said Senator Sherry Rehman on Sunday.
“Questions are being raised about Pakistan at the international level owing to Nawaz Sharif’s statement,” Sherry Rehman told media persons in Islamabad.
“We have strong reservations with Nawaz Sharif’s narrative. Why didn’t he tell that India had failed to cooperate with Pakistan about the Mumbai terror attacks?” she said.
The PPP leader called for Nawaz Sharif to take back his statement and issue a clarification. “Nawaz Sharif thinks he is exempted from everything,” he said.
“Is Nawaz Sharif a political analyst who is giving such statements? We reject his statement. The Indian media is making a propaganda.”
“Pakistan is a peaceful democratic country and our party will fight the case of Pakistan at the international level,” she said.
Ms Rehman said that Pakistan too wanted to take the Mumbai attacks trial to its logical conclusion but it was impossible without cooperation from India.

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