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Pak-Romanian improving ties: Bikers impressed with Pakistani culture,hospitality

ISLAMABAD -UNS- Pakistan and Romania have great mutual relations in all fields including sports , culture .Both the countries trying best to improve this relations further. In this regards three  Romanian bikers who have traveled all the way from Romania to Pakistan to explored Northern Areas and others parts of Pakistan.

Ambassador of Romania Nicolae Goia hosted a ceremony in Islamabad to welcome the bikers. They have lauded the goodwill gesture shown by Pakistanis. On 5th of June, three Romanians, Mr Cosmin Neagu, Alin Popescu and Marius Ioan will embark upon one of the greatest adventure of all.They are going to ride their motorcycles all along the KARAKORUM highway, one of  the Wonder of the contemporary world, a living proof of impossible becoming possible when there is will and talent. They will see absolutely magnificent scrivener and  they will meet extraordinary people, they will have the time of their life. They will go back to Romania stronger and wiser for they will have access to something very few  people of this Planet have. More then this, they will speak loudly about a country,

Pakistan, which is a beautiful and peace loving country, worth of respect and  admiration, thus making it better understood in Romania and in Europe.

Happily, 2018 is an important year in our history since we are celebrating 100 years since the Great Union of all Romanians. We, as the Embassy of Romania to Islamabad, took the liberty to ask them to carry the symbols of the Romanian Great  Union all along the road to the final destination. They graciously accepted so the journey is undertaken under the aegis of the Great Union and in the spirit of one of  the major messages we, Romanians, are sending to the world “CELEBRATING  TOGHETHER” because being together is the only chance we have to make a better  world for us, for our children and for the generations to come.
This year has a very special significance for our country. We are celebrating 100 years since Romanians fulfilled their century-long most cherished political ideal: the unification of all provinces inherited from our ancestors and where they were in the majority – Transilvania, Banat, Crișana, Maramureș, Basarabia, and Bucovina – with the Old Kingdom of Romania in one democratic, national state, thus writing the greatest Romanian story ever told. The new Romania born then has made, in the following decades, great efforts to promote, domestically and externally, to the highest standards of the time, the values of tolerance, fairness, and respect. These values remain today at the core of our policies.
The Centenary is celebrated by Romanians all over the world as a symbol of solidarity, hope and triumph against adverse circumstances. It reflects, to this day, Romania’s attachment to the principles of tolerance, mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and respect for cultural values of all people.
Currently, Romania is on an ascending economic path and has the highest rates of annual economic growth within the European Union. We are enjoying in Romania, today, unprecedented development, security and welfare in whole our history. Our collective duty is to protect and secure them in the medium and long term and, also, to consecrate a future Romania, preserving what is particular and authentic of its specific values and, at the same time, the most dynamic and pro-European, important and creative within the EU.
Pakistan is a friendly country and, as partners, we work together for a better, more secure, prosperous and peaceful world.

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