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Home / Breaking News / Pakistan calls for resolving Kashmir & Palestine disputes for world peace

Pakistan calls for resolving Kashmir & Palestine disputes for world peace

UNITED NATIONS (APP) – On the eve of the 73nd session of United Nations General Assembly, Pakistan has called for strengthening the world body’s role in conflict resolution, while spotlighting Kashmiri people’s decades-long struggle for their right to self-determination in Indian occupied Kashmir.

“We must summon the collective will to address protracted and complex disputes and not ignore them simply because they appear intractable, for then, sustainable peace will remain a distant dream, ” Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi told a high-level event on how to achieve a culture of peace amid current global challenges and threats to stability, prosperity and the planet.

Peace could not be achieved amid widespread economic and social deprivation, human rights abuses and situations of political and economic injustice, the Pakistani envoy said on Wednesday.

“Foreign occupation and the denial of fundamental rights including the right to self-determination exacerbate the sense of injustice among the occupied and the oppressed,” she told delegates from around the world.

“Nowhere is this more apparent than in the pain and suffering of the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine.”

Ambassador Lodhi also referred to the situation in Palestine where she said the two-state solution was being systematically dismantled in plain sight of the international community, while efforts were also underway to strike at the roots of Palestinian identity and their existence as a people.

“In occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” the Pakistani envoy said, “the valiant struggle of the Kashmiri people for their right to self-determination is being brutally suppressed by an occupation which is inhibited, neither by norms of international law, nor the mores of conscience and morality.”

In this context, Ambassador Lodhi drew attention to he recent report issued by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights which documented in detail the grim human rights situation in the occupied territory.

Underscoring that an edifice of peace can only be built on the foundation of justice, the Pakistani envoy said the resolution of long-standing international disputes remains central to this imperative.

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