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Gwadar – CPEC and China

By Brigadier Nadir Mir
The Development of Gwadar – CPEC is a Historical and Game Changing World Event. It is Inevitable! As President Xi Jinping aptly stated “Opponents of CPEC will never succeed”. Pakistan Army Chief, COAS General Bajwa also stated that CPEC will be Secured at all costs. The meeting between President Xi and General Bajwa was Extraordinary and Truly Reflective of the Iron Bonds between the Brotherly Nations. Even earlier, COAS General Bajwa’s meeting with Chinese Military Leadership showed the Deep Respect and Admiration that the Great Chinese Nation have for Pakistan’s Military.
Recently, some unnecessary talk on CPEC was created in some Pakistani Circles. This had to be cleared. Now China can proceed with speed and Saudi Arabia can join to develop Gwadar – CPEC. The Visionary, Reformer and Daring Saudi Crown Prince MBS has already Invested Galore. Saudi – GCC invetment in Gwadar – CPEC will be Mutually Beneficial.
This Blueprint was provided in my book “Gwadar on the Global Chessboard”, published in 2010, which is the Real Inspiration for CPEC. In fact, this book “Gwadar on the Global Chessboard” provided the Concept of Geo-Economics. Pakistan is a Bridge State between China and Gulf / Indian Ocean, which would provide a base at Gwadar. From Gwadar, China would Trade and Interact with Gulf, Africa and Europe. China would have access to two oceans. Pacific Ocean linked to its own Coastal Cities. Whereas, Arabian Sea, Gulf and Indian Ocean would be linked from Pakistan’s Town of Gwadar.
In the bargain, Gwadar would develop from a Sleepy Fishing Town to a Global Trading Hub. A Metropolis. A Future Dubai, Singapore and Shenzen, all rolled into one. This book “Gwadar on the Global Chessboard” was sent to China and Global Forums and World Libraries as Reference Book for the Project, besides use by Government Officials in Pakistan. CPEC grew out of it. Now CPEC, with Gwadar as its Anchor is being created.
I had termed enemies of Gwadar – CPEC as enemies of Pakistan, in my TV interviews. Now they are enemies of China and tomorrow of Saudi Arabia as well. So many Nations want to join CPEC because it is for Common Good and Prosperity. CPEC is Part and Parcel of OBOR – One Belt One Road. The Great Vision of Sagacious Chinese President Xi Jinping. It will usher in Peace and Prosperity for a Large Part of the Global Community. Eurasia – the Geopolitical and Geo-Economic Continent of Europe and Asia would Economically Entwined with Africa enjoined. Both Land and Sea Routes would Prosper but the OBOR and CPEC would bring into Prominence the Land Routes for Trade / Transit. Fabled since Marco Polo’s Famed Journey on the Ancient Silk Route and even Earlier Times. In the 1400s the Great Chinese Admiral and Explorer Zeng He had sailed the Makran/Gwadar Coast and then Africa. This time from Gwadar the Chinese would sail the Seven Seas with Trade, Prosperity and Peace following. Obviously, Pakistan would be the much Deserved Recipient of this Largesse. No longer would Pakistan’s Economy be Aid Dependent but Self-Sustained and Filling its Coffers with Pakistan’s own Geo-Economic Bonanza. CPEC culminating at Gwadar, the Future Great City of Pakistan.
However, the Detractors of Gwadar – CPEC have remained busy in their Hostile Efforts to block it. Lobbies of Anti Gwadar CPEC may be in many countries, including Pakistan. Still, the State Actor who has openly Declared War on CPEC – Gwadar, is India. Even as China invests and woos the Western world, Delhi launches Daily Tirades against Pakistan and China on CPEC. India endeavors to influence USA with the Indian Lobby against CPEC.
Within the region, India has launched Hybrid War from its bases in Afghanistan against Pakistan. This includes Dispatching Terrorists who have Targeted Balochistan, KPK and Northern Areas the most. In essence, the Western Portion of Pakistan has faced the Brunt of Indian Efforts to Block or Retard CPEC. Pakistan Military and Security Forces and Civilians gave Enormous Sacrifices to Stem the Terrorist Onslaught and keep Developing CPEC. Besides Terrorism, Propaganda, Disinformation and other Stratagems have all failed and CPEC is Developing. Still the Threat to CPEC persists. Indian Refusal for Peace Talks with Pakistan reflects Delhi’s Failed Policy both on CPEC and Indian Occupied Kashmir. Peace remains the Only Option as Pakistan can Defend itself in any War and Destroy the Aggressor. However, Pakistan and China should not appease India as it remains the Serpent in this case.
COAS General Bajwa’s contribution has been immense to Pakistan’s National Security and also to the implementation of CPEC. The Professional and Astute Chief has ensured overall Geopolitical Balance and Internal Stability for Pakistan. The Pak – Afghan Border Fence/Management plus Diplomacy will deter Asymmetrical Terrorists’ Threat to CPEC. While Military Diplomacy and Statecraft has Cemented Bonds with China. Even while maintaining overall friendly relations with USA and others. Now with the meeting between President Xi and General Bajwa, the relations between Pakistan and China will further Soar – higher than the Mountains! The Pakistan Military, people, the Nation and State are committed to develop Gwadar – CPEC. Small issues can arise but will be resolved.
Gwadar CPEC is the Future of Pakistan and China is the Real Iron – Brother of Pakistan. Pakistan is Destined to rise to its Rightful Place in the world, through Peace and Prosperity.

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