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Pakistani Workers Suffering in Middle-East

The plight of overseas Pakistanis has magnified several times due to the corona pandemic – hunger, starvation, no work and no salaries is making their life miserable beyond description.
The lethargic attitude of Pakistani embassies has intensified due to the corona virus- the embassies usually maintain a distance and are seldom willing to deal with issues faced by our working class people particularly in Middle-East countries. The elitist attitude of the ambassadors and embassy needs to change. They are there to serve the country and not make money without performing their duties.
Due to flagrant violation of workers’ rights Pakistani workers in Gulf Countries including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar are suffering. The government has failed to bring them back while the host countries are violating their basic rights and ignoring them. The laborers are said to be confined in deplorable labor camps with no salaries or basic hygiene amenities.
PIA the airline for great people to fly with, too has failed to provide relief to the Middle-East workers. PIA has increased its fares which the working class cannot afford. Locked up in a foreign land without salaries for months these people have to rely on charity for their meals. The embassies have failed to provide any significant relief.
The government should take up the worker’s salary and quarantine issue with the host government and ensure that the Pakistani workers are taken care of. These workers have contributed to the development and economies of these Middle-East nations through their hard work and deserve a better deal.
While the embassies abroad are half reluctant and ineffective in solving the problems of the Pakistani workers the foreign office is slow in its working.
The Prime Minister will have to take up the initiative and talk to his counterparts to make sure that the Pakistani laborers sufferings comes to an end. The PM should also ask PIA to provide free transport to the workers who can hardly afford to pay the increased fares. This was the task of the Minister of Overseas to facilitate the overseas workers with special flights.
The overseas workers have been contributing to the Pakistani economy by pumping foreign exchange into the economy. It time for the government to support them in their hour need.
Should the government provide free transport and money to the Pakistani workers’ or should the host country meet this obligation. Please share your views with World Tribune Pakistan and let us know the best ways to rescue the Pakistani workers. -ShahzadBadar

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