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China Crushes Indian Arrogance & Pride

The aggressive posturing by the Indian Government and media has gradually fizzled out and replaced by reconciliatory gestures of peace after the Chinese simply walked into Indian territory and scared the Indian army to retreat and take refuge in their bunkers.

The Chinese army in just an early morning walk was able to push back the stone-throwing Indians and reclaim miles of their territory which is part of Chinese Tibet. China has yet to regain 90,000 square km of its territory from Indian occupation.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) which is far superior in strength and equipment organized a large-scale military operation featuring thousands of paratroopers plus armored vehicles to the Indian border in Ladakh – this move shattered the confidence and morale of the Indian army forcing them to retreat.

Modi simply has miscalculated the determination of the Chinese leaders – back from beating the monstrous Covid-19, successfully calming Taiwan’s desire to rebel the Chinese were in no mode to tolerate Modi’s foreign policy of hugging and betraying.

Flirting with Trump and agreeing to kowtow to US foreign policy Modi abused the Chinese policy of tolerance and nonviolence- no bullet has been fired after the Chinese army defeated the Indian Northern Command in 1962, so Modi decided to test the Chinese resolve by building solid military structures on Chinese Territory. The Chinese government has never accepted the British demarcation of the Tibet area and has rejected all treatise which the British forced on the Chinese government.

The Indian expansionist and belligerent policy of annexing territories of its neighbors have backfired in the Ladakh region. China is not Nepal or Bhutan and the Indian policy of eating away land will not succeed. The Indian army stands a zero chance of countering a Chinese advance. The Chinese military has grown manifolds and so has its economy since 1962. The Chinese GDP is five times larger than India. The Indians know that rhetoric and gung-ho attitude can only work on the Indian media not on the ground with the PLA.

The mastermind behind building an anti-Chinese alliance, the USA is in itself embroiled in deep trouble – chaos on the streets and economic melt-down due to Covid-19 has dampened its spirit to come to India’s support. Trump simply offered to mediate and Indians immediately realized that the jingoist rhetoric must die down if an embarrassing military defeat from the Chinese is to be avoided. The Indian Army Chief MM Naravane in a recent interview after the meeting of the Indian army Generals with the Chinese team tried to conceal the embarrassing situation by commenting that “ its nothing new” and such events have taken place in the past when the two sides patrol reach the same spot. Such naïve statements coming from a professional do not make much sense.

The last few weeks military tussle was not just an incidence- never in the past years have the Chinese mobilized their paratroopers and tank from the mainland into the Ladakh front. China has warned India that it would be nothing like in the past and India would have to calm down or prepare to taste a bitter defeat.

The Indian Foreign Office statement made more sense than the Indian COAS statement. In a statement, it stated that the issue would be resolved peacefully. Modi had pushed Indian hopes and sentiments sky high by terrorizing the Muslims of India and ending the autonomous state of Kashmir. Indians were made to believe that India is an invisible regional power by building highways on Nepalese territory.

The Indian Army Generals know the ground realities in Ladakh and in just a few meetings with the Chinese counterpart the Indian foreign office realized the folly of its defense minister and agreed to negotiate out of this military quagmire.

Will India return Chinese territory, and end its anti-Chinese military alliances with Australia and the Pacific countries. Please share your views with the World Tribune Pakistan.-ShahzadBadar

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