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Election 2008 and Kashmir issue

Sixty years ago the newly sovereign state of Pakistan made a covenant with the people of Jammu and Kashmir that it would champion their right to determine their own destiny. The twin pillars of this commitment were the sacred principles driving the great decolonisation project …

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Student movement revisited

By S. Haroon Ahm  Saleem Asmi PRIME Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani’s welcome move to revive student unions takes us back to the first all-Pakistan students’ body, the Democratic Students Federation.

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Terrorism in Sri Lanka and External Threats

BY BEN SILVA There is similarity between the actions of Hitler and Prabakaran. Both Hitler and Prabakaran stirred up racism and racial hatred  and used the media to promote racial hatred. It is known that LTTE funding goes to  some in the Tamil Nadu film …

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Jirgas,Lashkars and militancy in NWFP ,FATA

BY AHMAD ALI Jirga system is very deep rooted in Pakhtoon culture,custom and traditions.So it is pertinent here to have a brief and comprehensive introductory note on Jirga system.It will help to remove misunderstanding and despicable notion prevailing in the world as this nation,unluckily,has been …

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Muslims’ Rights in India

BY AFSHAIN AFZAL The Indian government has finally rejected a recommendation of the Sachar Committee to create Indian Wakf Services on the lines of the Civil Services to appoint officers to boards that manage Muslim religious and community properties. Although Minority Affairs Ministry has filed …

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