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FCR and administration of FATA

BY SAQIB SALEEM FCR the blackest of the block law, became the foundation of the colonial control system, and was inter-linked to the heart of Pashtunwali, both culturally and legally. It has been alleged that in creating the FCR, the British stole the pashtun idiom …

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Can a Democrat change US ME policy ?

Noam Chomsky Recently, when Vice-President Cheney was asked by ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz about polls showing that an overwhelming majority of US citizens oppose the war in Iraq, he replied, “So?” “So — you don’t care what the American people think?” Raddatz asked. “No,” …

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Reform of Pakistan’s intelligence services

The many crises faced by Pakistan today, ranging from perennial political instability to the rise of religious extremist forces, are partly a gift of intelligence agencies’ various operations (read blunders). A misplaced sense of patriotism, poor organizational management, the presence of a few rogue elements, …

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