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Flawed justice for Sudan

By Antonio Cassese Genocide has become a magic word, and people think that its mere evocation triggers the strong outrage of the world community and perforce sets in motion UN intervention. But this is not so Those who follow events in Darfur closely know very …

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Co-operation for international development, peace stressed

An International Conference on security and sustainable development in Central Asia and “Peace and stability in Afghanistan” were held in Tashkent on Apr 29 to 30. The conference was organized by Regional Policy Foundation and the Center for Policy Studies (Uzbekistan), along with the OSCE …

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FCR and administration of FATA

BY SAQIB SALEEM FCR the blackest of the block law, became the foundation of the colonial control system, and was inter-linked to the heart of Pashtunwali, both culturally and legally. It has been alleged that in creating the FCR, the British stole the pashtun idiom …

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Can a Democrat change US ME policy ?

Noam Chomsky Recently, when Vice-President Cheney was asked by ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz about polls showing that an overwhelming majority of US citizens oppose the war in Iraq, he replied, “So?” “So — you don’t care what the American people think?” Raddatz asked. “No,” …

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Reform of Pakistan’s intelligence services

The many crises faced by Pakistan today, ranging from perennial political instability to the rise of religious extremist forces, are partly a gift of intelligence agencies’ various operations (read blunders). A misplaced sense of patriotism, poor organizational management, the presence of a few rogue elements, …

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