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Humiliation – Riyadh Summit

After ICJ disaster on Kulbushan Jadhav, yet another humiliation for Pakistan, the only nuclear armed Muslim country, during the recent Riyadh Summit. Prime Minister Sharif was not invited to speak at the summit or meeting with President Trump arranged rather President Trump completely ignored to …

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Dawn Leaks:A positive decision

There is huge hue and cry in the media about Pakistan Army withdrawing an earlier tweet which had rejected Prime Minister’s notification regarding the Dawn Leaks. I have failed to understand the attitude of few media personalities; earlier they were arguing the illegitimate nature of …

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Jindal meets Sharif

This letter is about the recent unannounced mysterious visit by an Indian steel tycoon Mr Jindal to Pakistan and his meeting with our Prime Minister (PM), who is also by the way in steel business. Is it just a business meeting or do it have …

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Indian atrocities in IHK

My hearts bleeds for our Kashmiri brethren who are being tortured, humiliated, injured and brutally murdered by Indian occupying forces. The attitude of Muslim world and particularly Pakistani leadership rubs salt in the wounds. But my faith becomes stronger when I see the morale of …

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Wearing of Hijab!

This letter is about the proposal made by Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gilani whereby he made wearing of the hijab compulsory for women in colleges and giving of some extra marks, in attendance, for such girls. I fully endorse the proposal. I …

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