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Jirgas,Lashkars and militancy in NWFP ,FATA

BY AHMAD ALI Jirga system is very deep rooted in Pakhtoon culture,custom and traditions.So it is pertinent here to have a brief and comprehensive introductory note on Jirga system.It will help to remove misunderstanding and despicable notion prevailing in the world as this nation,unluckily,has been …

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Stop fleecing masses!

BY IFTIKHAR MASHWANI The economists of the country have been justifying the sky-rocketing prices as a sequence to inflation the world over. Their logic is that the prices in the country are  determined strictly by market forces and that domestic prices would reflect that of …

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The reverse phenomenon

By Dr Ghayur Ayub In the land of eternity and the realm of endlessness, the angels, their chief, Iblis, and the newly shaped man, Adam, were all present in respectful postures in front of God. The topic for discourse was the first man. God introduced …

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Terrorism – Need to Fight bad ideas with good ideas

  For the last 81 stagnant days that only carries unimaginable painful stories of displaced and locked Swatians troubles and pains; July 17 was a very different late morning here in IDP’s camp at under construction medicine factory building located in Risalpur Special Industrial Zone …

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Muslims’ Rights in India

BY AFSHAIN AFZAL The Indian government has finally rejected a recommendation of the Sachar Committee to create Indian Wakf Services on the lines of the Civil Services to appoint officers to boards that manage Muslim religious and community properties. Although Minority Affairs Ministry has filed …

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