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Rising Expectations on Cuba Follow Obama

A day after President Obama pledged a new future in Washington’s relations with Cuba, Latin American leaders insisted at a summit meeting in Trinidad that the future is now. That message followed the president throughout the day on Saturday and even upstaged a photo-op with …

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Rethinking conspiracies

BY ABAR SATTAR The debacle of 1971 taught us that it is dangerous for a country to be cocooned in an artificial sense of immortality. But it is also disempowering and futile for a nation to live with the paranoia of imminent death. Not a …

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Can the Taliban be defeated?

BY AYAZ AMIR Go down the list of the leading clowns purporting to run the country’s affairs and ask this question again. Does anyone in his right mind think that a dispensation led by Asif Ali Zardari and including friend Rehman Malik, Governor Salmaan Taseer …

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New energy order

BY HUMBERTO MUQUEZ BY bringing together the world major oil producers and consumers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia marked a turning point in the negotiations for a new global energy order that is emerging under the weight of soaring oil prices, which are driven by factors …

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