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Objectives of WORLD TRIBUNE PAKISTAN : ‘Media for peace’

PEACE, economic,social stability,religious harmony and trans quality in the world is need of the hour. To fight against terrorism, illiteracy and poverty  is the prime duty of every citizen,media organisation and governments of the world.

The basic objective,mission and slogan of WORLD TRIBUNE PAKISTAN is ‘media for peace’. WTP is going to launch a campaign to join-hand for peace, stability and create awareness for social, economic development in the world, especially in the under-developed countries especially South Asia.

WORLD TRIBUNE PAKISTAN is best platform for the promotion of political, economic, social and cultural relations among different nations and countries on regional and international level.

WORLD TRIBUNE PAKISTAN is a Pakistan based daily newspaper dedicated to offering fresh and updating news most significant national, regional and international movement to movement developments on different front to its valuable readers.

WORLD TRIBUNE PAKISTAN is the first online newspaper published since 2007, for free, hard and unbiased news, new analysis, articles, features, interviews of personalities, will raise the standard of journalism by reporting the truth, without any spin.

WORLD TRIBUNE PAKISTAN is dedicated to offering its readers news most significant national, international and regional news analysis, articles and opinion of experts.

WORLD TRIBUNE PAKISTAN exists because we believe that the third world especially South Asia,Gulf, Central Asia and Muslim World is poorly served by international media outlet that focus on domestic political, defense, social and economic issues to the exclusion of relevant news effecting the other five-and-a-half billion people in the world.

The Internet is perhaps the most obvious facilitator of an increasing global politics, economy and culture. Third world countries especially Pakistan, South Asian, Central Asian,Africa and Gulf countries has huge potential to play their role in regional and global political, geo-strategic and economic development.

WORLD TRIBUNE PAKISTAN is working  to create awareness about media role in the political, economic, social development in the third world. We welcome yours’  support, comments, opinion, suggestions and write-ups for betterment of our newspapers.We offered to every one/all school of thought to send your opinions, suggestions in the form of articles, news features, news analysis, news reports. We will publish it for the betterment of backward and neglected peoples of the world.WTP will build bridges from knowledge to power, by conducting world wide research and analysis, and influencing policy makers to innovate.

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